February 13, 2020

This Sunday! Family Church is on February 16th! We are excited to have “Family Church” in the Chapel on the third Sunday of each month! Parents are invited to worship with their school-aged children at 9:45am in the Chapel. (Church school will not meet on these dates)

This Sunday! Please Support Our Confirmation Youth THIS Sunday! As part of their prerequisite for Confirmation, two of our Youth, Alecia & Morgan, will be fundraising for the Christ Church Café. Please visit their table in the foyer near Disciples Hall after Sunday’s service. There will be a Valentine’s Day Treat Bag given in exchange for each donation.

This Sunday! Belongings! a great follow-up course to the Alpha Course.  It is led by our clergy and is an easy way to learn (more) about the Episcopal Church, and Christ Church in particular.  The Course features conversation about our particular Anglican/Episcopalian understanding of faith, specifics about the worship, history and ministry of Christ Church, and what it means to be a member of the Parish. The Course is free. Attend any/all evenings that you can. The course will be on Sundays, immediately following the 9:45am service, on February 16, 23 and will meet in the Chapel.

This Weekend! Are you looking for something a little different in the coming New Year? How about an exercise program for the spirit? The discipleship team is offering discussion groups on the topic of “Growing in Personal Transformation” from the Discipleship for Episcopalians series.  The Saturday discussion group meets immediately after the 5:00 p.m. service in the Chapel, and the Sunday group meets at 11:30 a.m. in the Library (downstairs). The topic for this weekend is "Bearing fruit of the Spirit in abundance”.  The topic we’ll discuss for the final weekend, February 22 and 23, is “Living a life of loving obedience”. Please join us!

This Monday The Church Office will be CLOSED on February 17th in honor of Presidents’ Day

Sign-up! Shrove Tuesday! Pancake Supper, Alleluia Parade & Hunt, burning of Palms … all on February 25th! Pancakes and sausage will be served from at 5-6pm. The price for Adults is $5 and children who are over the age of 5yrs is $3. The kids Alleluia Parade and Hunt will be at 6pm. Burning of Palms will follow. All ages are encouraged to come for great food and great fun. Please sign up on Name Tag table; pay at the door. Volunteers available to help set up and clean up please also sign up. What is Shrove Tuesday? It is actually the day before Lent begins (Feb 26). The day is named for the “shriving” or confessing that was traditional on this day before beginning Lent. This day is also known as Mardi Gras, or “Fat Tuesday,” because it was a time for eating the things from which one would abstain during Lent. Pancake suppers are traditional as they were a way of using up some of the ingredients not needed during Lent.

Burning of Palms: Bring your Palms to Church by Shrove Tuesday, February 25! There is a white bucket in hallway.

Ash Wednesday is February 26th: Holy Eucharist with Imposition of Ashes will be at Christ Church 7am, 10am, 6pm (Spanish) and 7pm.

Ash Wednesday is the first day of Lent and is marked with a special liturgy.

The theme for the day, though not for all of Lent, is that we stand as sinners condemned to die, but for God’s grace. This is symbolized by the imposition of ashes on the forehead, with the words, “You are dust and to dust you shall return.”

In the Old Testament, ashes were a sign of penitence (feeling regretful at offenses) and mourning.

Ash Wednesday is one of two days of special observance (the other being Good Friday) for which fasting is recommended. While this usually refers to going without food for the entire day, this practice is not practical for all persons, including but not limited to, diabetics. Use your own discretion in determining how you can best observe this day.

Stations of the Cross is every Tuesday in Lent (March 3 — April 7) in the Church at 7pm.

Stations of the Cross are depictions for the 14 incidents in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ death from Pilates’ house to being placed in the tomb and rising from the dead. We use a service called the Way of the Cross, which visits each station in turn with a brief reading, response and collect.

Sign-up! Lenten Soup Supper & Program on Wednesdays March 4 to April 1:

Soup Suppers are from 6 —6:45pm. These are a weekly gathering for a simple soup and bread meal. Volunteers are needed to bring soup or bread for these dates. SIGN UP AT NAME TAG TABLE!

Lenten Program is 6:30 — 8pm on Wednesdays (and on Sundays, March 1 — 29 at 11:30am for those unavailable on evenings). Christ Church has a long-standing Lenten tradition where several parishioners gather together to grow in faith. We continue that tradition this year as we break out into small groups and convene in quiet places around the parish. The theme for this year is Practicing Courage with All Your Heart, Soul, Strength, and Mind.  Discussions each week will be based on the Gospel reading from the previous Sunday and will explore various facets of courage such as: The Courage to be Vulnerable, The Courage to Let Go, The Courage to Walk the Way of Love, etc. You will have the opportunity to explore these topics on your own in silent reflection (something new for the Lenten Program) or in a group setting. We hope you will join other members of Christ Church as we journey through Lent on our way to the Easter Vigil. SIGN UP AT THE NAME TAG TABLE!

Save the date! Free Movie Night at Christ Church “The Lion King”! Save the Date! March 14th at 7pm

Rest in Peace: Lois Dingus — September 24, 2019

IHN families will be at Christ Church March 8-15. Please see board in foyer near Disciples Hall to sign up for this important ministry.

The Food Pantry is currently MOST IN NEED OF:  flour, sugar, canned pasta meals, fruit, chili, stew, and microwavable meals.  Thank you for your support!

Holy Baptism at Christ Church — Do you or your child(ren) wish to be Baptized in the Episcopal Church? If you have been thinking about it or are interested in more details or to register, please contact the Church Office. Our next Holy Baptism will be Saturday, April 11, 2020 at the 7pm Easter Vigil service. If interested, please contact the Church Office no later than March 15, 2020 to register.  (private baptism services also available upon request)

IT’S NOT TOO LATE! If you haven’t turned in a pledge card for 2020, there’s still time. The amount of your pledge is between you and God. Adding your pledge to those already received helps the Vestry when making financial decisions. If you are already pledging, thank you! Pledge cards can be found on the name tag table, track rack or in office.

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