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A Pastoral Note from Your Rector

June 4, 2021

Good afternoon all!

As I announced on Sunday, the case counts for the coronavirus has been steadily rising in Ocean County. On Sunday, when the number were just below 20/100,000 (18.6/100,000), I made the assumption that we would be returning to worship at the Pavilion. But the case count has accelerated beyond the 20/100,000 as well as the 25/100,000. As of today the case count is at 34/100,000. Because of this surge in cases, the clergy, Wardens, and Vestry have decided that it is in the best interest of all of our parishioners to return to virtual worship for the time being. For Wednesday and Friday services this week only, please use the current Tele-conference phone number and passcode. Beginning on Sunday, August 22, we will be offering our 9:45 AM service on Zoom with a livestream to our Facebook page. Worshippers will be able to sign into the church's Zoom link to join the worship leaders. You may do so with or without your vide turned on. It is your choice. Wednesday 10am Healing Prayer Service and Friday 7am Morning Prayer will also change to Zoom. For those who have been dialing into the teleconference option, there will be a new phone number and password that will allow you to call into the service without the need for a computer. It is very similar to what we have now for our phone users, but it should provide much better sound and stability. By using this option, we will all be able to worship together in one place at one time and to be the dedicated community that Christ Church is known to be. Nicole will be supplying this new information to you with the emailed bulletin later this week. So in summary:

1. All virtual worship services until further notice.
2. Services will offered via Zoom and streamed to our Facebook page live.
3. You have 3 options for connecting:
     1. Clicking the link to enter the Zoom room and joining with video.
2. Clicking the link to enter the Zoom room and joining without video.
3. Dialing in with the provided phone number, meeting number, and pass code.

Please make sure that if you are asked to join with computer/internet/phone audio, you click yes. I know this might be a new means of communicating for some, but it is user friendly and should provide more of the community feeling that we know and love. Seeing one another's face on Sunday morning always brightens my day! Please join me in praying that this is a very temporary disruption and soon we will be back together in the spaces that we love to worship Jesus together again! Please also pray for an end to this pandemic. For those who have died. For those who have lost loved ones. For those who are currently sick with the virus. For those who have been affected adversely in anyway. If you have any questions, please contact a member of the clergy, the wardens or the vestry. Peace, blessings and safety to each of you.

In Christ,

Mother Lisa+

The Reverend Lisa A. Hoffman, Rector
Christ Episcopal Church

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The Food Pantry remains OPEN each Tuesday from 9:30am-12:00pm and is well stocked and available to any person or family in need of food.

The Church Office has public hours Monday through Thursday, 9:30AM -12:30PM (closed on Federal Holidays). If you are in need of an appointment with a Clergy or Staff member, please contact the Church Office via phone 732-349-5506 or email to schedule.

We will keep you informed as modifications continue.

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We have a variety of ministries to help and enrich the lives of those in our community and throughout the world. Loving our neighbors is our call and our ministries are how we show our light to the world.


"For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them."

~Matthew 18:20


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  • God is infinitely more interested in the promise of our future than the mistakes of our past.
  •  The Church embraces and encourages those who are suffering or looking for answers to life.
  • The Church is broad enough to encompass those firmly holding traditional beliefs as well as those questioning the essence of belief.
  • Worshiping together is what it means to be a church: we gather to engage in ritual that invites the mystery of belief into our hearts and to be reminded of the stories of those who have gone before.
  • It is at the end of our worship service that our service begins.


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