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A Pastoral Note from Your Rector

October 14, 2021

Dear Christ Church family,

I have been doing a lot of thinking, praying and inquiring as to what is going on with the other churches in our region of Monmouth and Ocean County. The majority of the churches are back to in-person worship. There are a few who are still using virtual worship and at least one that is holding outdoor worship only.

Most congregations are holding Church School in-person - both outside and inside with masks. Some are still on Zoom only. Attendance is reported to be down overall.

Some have had their choirs return, but not most.

Coffee hour is also back in many of the churches. Mostly in places where the clergy can identify the majority of people have been vaccinated.

As with everything else in our lives right now, people will make the choice to participate in what they feel comfortable doing. Most people will do the right thing for themselves and others, but we know the reality is that we can't count on this to be 100%

One thing that all the churches seem to have in common is that attendance is much lower than in pre-covid days. My friends in the Atlantic Convocation report the same thing - so I believe this is an issue that we are all going to be facing as we head into stewardship and the holidays seasons. The people who feel comfortable being in church will show up - those who aren’t will not be swayed by the re-opening of in-person services. This response was not prompted by anything that clergy or fellow congregation members have done. It doesn't have anything to do with Covid protocols or changes to worship. It is a decision made purely because they have moved on and have found other ways to meet their spiritual needs. Some check out livestream recordings when it is convenient for them. This is the new reality that the churches are going to be facing. Church as we know it has changed and meeting these new realities is going to require flexibility and acceptance.

Another thing I think that is important for us to understand is that in-person worship being suspended is not the same as the church being closed. A closed church has no mission or ministry happening. This is far from the truth for us and the majority of churches. Worship goes on. People continue to be fed physically and spiritually through carefully devised protocols. Outdoor events are safe and there for our participation. Pastoral calls are still being made. The life of the church and the making of disciples continue in this strange new world.

Virtual worship - while not everyone's cup of tea is still worship. Until our generation become the predominant group in attendance, the Episcopal Church was a Morning Prayer church with the Eucharist celebrated on a monthly or a 6-week basis. So, while we have all become accustomed to receiving communion weekly, it has not always been the norm. Believe me, I miss it too, and I miss celebrating the breaking of bread and sharing as much as the next person. Communion is about more than bread and wine - it is about table fellowship. The pandemic has forced us to find new ways of being community. That is the one blessing in all of this - we have found ways to stay connected, some through technology, some by phone and some in conversations on porches and over fences. While we may find some people have drifted away, let us not forget the number of people who have reconnected to the church - worshiping from new homes out of state, home bound people being able to see and hear their dear friends again, those with physical and/or emotional issues that prevent them from physically being in church, and those who have found church for the first time. The ability to worship where and when we can and to be exposed to multiple services, worship styles, and preachers has enriched peoples' spiritual lives and relationship with God. And isn't that what it is all about anyway?

Every congregation will do what is best for them and their demographic - Christ Church included.

So here is what I propose - let's get back to in-person worship. I think that if we follow most of the following guidelines until we get through the fall and winter, we can navigate our way through these slightly higher case rates.

  • The numbers were slowly going down - but have started to creep up again slowly. We will resume in-person worship beginning Sunday, October 24th for both the 9:45am and noon services.
  • We will follow the following recommended protocols until the case rates fall below the acceptable 25/100,000.
    • Rope off every other pew for the immediate future.
    • Masks should be worn by all as this is still diocesan recommendation (celebrants, lectors, intercessors, readers, and preachers are the only exceptions when reading and preaching).
    • Continue to have hand sanitizers and masks available.
    • Continue to encourage people who wish to talk and have fellowship to do so outside.
  • Congregational singing with the choir can resume on November 28th (Advent 1).
  • Church School can meet with masks - either inside or outside as per what the Church School teachers feel comfortable with.
  • Let's consider bringing back Coffee Hour for Advent 1 - new church year, new thing - November 28th.
  • Outside groups must continue to follow current protocols for Covid.
  • Book and Formation groups can meet in-person with masking and social distancing as necessary as well as offering a virtual option whenever possible.
  • Outside events and community activities are encouraged as part of being more visible in the community.
  • Prayer books and Hymnals will remain out of the pews until further notice. We will continue with practice of full-text bulletins in the meantime.

While this has been a difficult time for the church, it is also an exciting time. There are a lot of opportunities to take advantage of for growth and development if we are creative and willing to try new things. Our community has the potential expand far and wide if we are ready to step out of our comfort zones. The Episcopal Church has been "forced" into the future by the circumstances of the past 18+ months. I find it exciting and in many ways something the church has needed for quite a while. The world has become a new place and the church is now poised to keep up. I am ready to embrace this new future and I think Christ Church is ready to do so as well.

I invite and encourage any thoughts or concerns as well as any creative ideas that we might look at as we move forward into this new "new" normal.

Peace and blessings,

Mother Lisa+


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