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Lent 2021

COVID-19 Newsletter - LENT 2021

If you’re looking for a Lenten discipline that is fun, educational, occasionally goofy, and always joyful, join the Lent Madness journey. Lent needn’t be all doom and gloom. After all, what could be more joyful than a season specifically set aside to get closer to Jesus Christ! For the eleventh year running, Lent Madness is gearing up for the competition in which thirty-two saints do battle to win the coveted “Golden Halo”. And here’s how to participate: on the weekdays of Lent, information is posted at (or you can sign up to receive daily emails) about two different saints. Each pairing remains open for 24 hours as participants read about and then vote to determine which saint moves on to the next round. Sixteen saints make it to the Round of saintly 16; eight advance to the Round of the Elate Eight; four make it to the Faithful Four; two to the Championship; and the winner is awarded the coveted Golden Halo. A large bracket will keep track of the winners for each weekday during Lent.

These are depictions for the 14 incidents in the Gospel accounts of Jesus’ death from Pilates’ house to being placed in the tomb and rising from the dead.
Each “station” will have a brief reading, response and collect.
This is offered by Christ Church every Tuesday in Lent, Feb. 23 – March 30. Join Zoom Meeting: pwd=YmZXQXFDU3g3aVhMWGxJWkVoZDdOdz09 Or Dial: 1-646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 862 6891 3186
Passcode: 186184

As has been our tradition, we will again be offering a Lent Program this year. • However, this year’s program will be different since it was conceived, designed, and will be led by very familiar voices at our church. The program is called “Pathways to the Divine”. Each week, an individual from the parish will be leading a session exploring a practice that you can use to help develop your relationship with God.
The program will be held on five consecutive Wednesday evenings starting at 6:15PM on February 24th. Each session will be held on Zoom.
Please join your parish family as we come together as a community for this
Lenten journey. Deacon Ted will lead the first session titled, “Pathways to the Divine: Guided Meditation”.
Join Zoom Meeting: pwd=MmxGQ2dlWkNIRy9EcTc3dTJoWnNzZz09 Or Dial: 1-646-558-8656
Meeting ID: 834 6664 3255
Passcode: 046516

Christ Church During COVID-19

Churches with the availability to utilize their property or building for in-person worship services while adhering to all CDC, NJ State and Diocesan RRR Task Force Guidelines, may request approval of the Bishop to do so.

For the health safety of our parishioners, clergy and staff, there are currently no in-person services at Christ Church.

To view the current Weekly Schedule of both virtual and in-person Services please click HERE.

Recordings of Sunday LIVE Tele-Services are posted as available to be accessed at your convenience HERE.

The Food Pantry remains OPEN each Tuesday from 9:30am-12:00pm and is well stocked and available to any person or family in need of food.

The Church Office remains Closed to the public at this time. If you are in need of an appointment with a Clergy or Staff member, please contact the Church Office via phone 732-349-5506 or email to schedule.

We will keep you informed as modifications continue.

Please also keep us posted on how you are doing. Voicemails left on the office phone 732-349-5506 and emails to are being received daily.

We will keep you informed as modifications continue.
Please also keep us posted on how you are doing. Voicemails left on the office phone 732-349-5506 and emails to will be received and replied to via offsite during this time

How We Experience Christ


From our Rectors and Deacons who live, teach, and love the Word of God. We are so blessed to have wonderful clergy sharing their knowledge of how we can live better in Christ


We have a variety of ministries to help and enrich the lives of those in our community and throughout the world. Loving our neighbors is our call and our ministries are how we show our light to the world.


"For where two or three are gathered in my name, I am there among them."

~Matthew 18:20


Welcoming and Celebrating all

Spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ

Teaching, baptizing and nurturing new believers

Responding to human need by loving service

Seeking to transform unjust structures of society

Striving to safeguard the integrity of creation and sustain and renew the life of the earth

Looking for More?



  • God is infinitely more interested in the promise of our future than the mistakes of our past.
  •  The Church embraces and encourages those who are suffering or looking for answers to life.
  • The Church is broad enough to encompass those firmly holding traditional beliefs as well as those questioning the essence of belief.
  • Worshiping together is what it means to be a church: we gather to engage in ritual that invites the mystery of belief into our hearts and to be reminded of the stories of those who have gone before.
  • It is at the end of our worship service that our service begins.


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